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Stamford Connecticut is located on the Connecticut shore near the town of Farmville. To the north are the charming hamlets of East Haven and Greenwich Village. To the south are the beautiful Connecticut River Valley and forests. For vacationers and visitors, the town offers a large number of vacation destinations and points of interest.

Located in the northwestern part of the state, Stamford Connecticut is bordered by Rhode Island to the west and New Jersey to the south. A tourist attraction in this region is the sundeck at Soufriere, which connectsicut to Rhode Island. The sundeck includes a sixty-foot charter boat with room service. Onboard these cruises, which depart regularly, are the captain, chef, stewardesses, steward, deckhands, buoys and light staff.

Besides the aforementioned connection between Soufriere and St. Martines, another connection is the Connecticut Zoo. The zoo features numerous attractions, including the Gorilla Forest, where the animals come out of their natural habitat and interact with people; the Gorilla Village, which includes a restaurant and a marketplace where people can have a picnic and shop for local produce; and the Gorilla Village Path, which leads visitors through the forest to different areas of the Gorilla Forest. The Gorilla Forest also features gardens and picnic areas as well as a gift shop, which sells souvenirs. At the same time, the zoo also has an onsite parking garage that provides free parking during the zoo’s peak seasons.

While in Connecticut, it is a good idea to check out the state park system and other parks located throughout the state. One such park is the Woodbury Wild Kingdom, which is near Soufriere. Among the attractions include the Gorilla Forest, which is located within the zoo’s grounds; the Gorilla Connection, which is a Gorilla walkway located within the forest; and the Gorilla Village, which serves as a connection between the Gorilla Forest and the mainland. Other parks in the system include the Connecticut Marine Science Center in Greenwich and the Connecticut Zoo in New London.

Aside from these well-known Connecticut attractions, the area also offers a number of other smaller-scale attractions. In addition to the aforementioned Gorilla Forest and Gorilla Village, there is the St. Ann Church in Stamford, which serves the town as a spiritual and cultural center. This church was built in the colonial-era era and hosts a regularly schedule Sunday service. A few blocks to the north, in New London, one can find the Marble Hall Museum, which is the oldest art museum in the state.

Whether or not you are planning a vacation to Connecticut this year, you will likely want to take some time to stop by the state’s largest city, which is New Haven. Located within Connecticut, this city is home to two major universities – the University of New Haven and the University of Connecticut. The city is also the home of a number of other attractions, including harbors, parks, museums, zoos, and more. The most famous of these is the New Haven Harbor, which serves as the harbor entrance to New Haven and is the gateway to Connecticut’s capital, Washington, D.C. If you are looking for a place to eat, visit the Waterfront atrium, which features a restaurant called Fish Fun, as well as a number of cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

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